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Faith Tramp


Faith is a certified makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist in the state of TN. She has been in the beauty industry since 2008, and has worked with numerous clients on projects such as films, commercials, operas, music videos, and over 400+ weddings. Faith became licensed at the age of 16 when she was still in high school, then worked in the salon for a few years before leaving and serving our country in the US Army. In the Army, Faith was part of an all-female highly specialized team and was a certified level one combat instructor. After her service in the Army, Faith used her benefits to go back to makeup school, where she completed 3 programs: beauty makeup, wig making & styling, and prosthetic special effects makeup & application. She has worked with MHD Beauty since 2016, and has also served as an instructor at the Academy of Makeup Arts in Nashville.


Faith is an avid reader, and typically reads about 175 books per year. She is dedicated to her book club, Bookin' it Babes, and enjoys reading fantasy & romance novels. Faith also loves to travel, learning about the local culture & history of the place she is visiting, and of course indulging in the best local food. Her favorite place she has visited recently is the United Kingdom. When Faith is not working, she enjoys spending time at home with her 3 dogs, and loves tending to her vegetable garden & fruit orchard. 


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