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Grow with us.

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Our Mission

At MHD Beauty, it is our mission to help our clients realize their full potential through our consistently exceptional hair, makeup, & skincare experiences. To us, our guests are not just a pretty face - they are unique individuals with value and something to offer the world. That is why it is our profound desire that every guest should feel understood, confident, empowered, & beautiful after working with us.

Our Craft

The artists & stylists of MHD Beauty specialize in providing services that result in glamorously approachable looks. We take great care to tailor each experience to ensure each guest is comfortable & delighted with their results. Our technicians are highly skilled, yet continually seek improvement through advanced education opportunities. 

What We Offer

MHD Beauty is focused on elevating the artistry & professionalism of our collective beauty community in Nashville. Through our in-house educational programs and collaborative environment, our team members are continually honing their craft and working to enhance our guest experience, so that all who come to us feel welcomed & supported.

We are currently hiring for one position. To apply, please click below:

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