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Creating An Effortless Glow for Summer

In the realm of makeup, there's a mantra that reigns supreme: let your products do the work for you. It's not just about painting on layers of makeup; it's about selecting the right products that cater to your specific needs and effortlessly enhance your natural beauty.

As we embrace the sunny days of summer, this philosophy becomes even more crucial. Not only do we want to have a healthy glow, but we want to do it easily and quickly so we can move along with our fun in the sun summer plans. Enter the MHD Cosmetics Sheer Glo Illuminating Lotion, a game-changer in achieving that coveted summer glow with minimal effort.

Imagine this: You’re invited to a special occasion at the last minute, and it's the middle of the summer and you have spent the last 8 hours slaving over a computer. How in the world will you ever pull off a fresh face ready for an evening soiree at such short notice? You're confident in your ability to freshen up with your favorite new product: your favorite shade of Sheer Glo Illuminating Lotion, and add a touch of fresh cream shimmer at the tops of your cheeks and just like that, you are your best self, again.

Our MHD Cosmetics Sheer Glo Illuminating Lotions are the perfect addition to your summer makeup bag to achieve that coveted sun-kissed glow. These lotions not only promote the glow from within but also come in a diverse shade range that is inclusive to all skin tones. Whether you're looking to add a natural radiance to your skin prep routine or seeking a luminous base as a primer before foundation, these illuminating lotions offer versatility. Wear them alone for a subtle shimmer or layer them with other products promoting that natural glow from within. These lotions are the perfect compliment to your summer tan vibe.

Sheer Glo Illuminating Lotions come in four different shades:

● Fake It (rich pink hue - perfect for blush)

● Movie Star (light opal shade)

● Glo-Pink (light peachy pink shade)

● Paradise (golden bronze - perfect for body & chest glow)

These four Sheer Glo shades offer versatility and inclusivity for all who are in search of that effortless, summer glow. These lotions have the ability to compliment everyone's natural beauty and are a must-have for our approaching 2024 summer. Effortless beauty trends are on the rise this year so don't miss out on the opportunity to

stay in the know with these beautiful, radiant, and glowing lotions. Available for purchase on site at our Nashville location, MHD Beauty Parlor, or, purchase online at

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